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WHAT ARE Miniatures? a small-scale representation of a historical or mythological entity used in miniature wargames, role-playing games, and dioramas.

MINIATURES ARE ALSO CONSIDERED BEING MODEL FIGURES - which are sold both as kits for enthusiast to construct and paint and as pre-built, pre-painted collectable figurines. Model kits may be made in plastic (usually polystyrene), polyurethane resin, or metal (including white metal); collectables are usually made of plastic, porcelain, or (rarely) bronze. - People build and paint Automoblies, Trains, Planes.

WHY IS THIS A HOBBY or WHY IS THIS FUN? being able to paint, collect, and playing with miniatures originated with toy soldiers.

[source]: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miniature_figure_%28gaming%29

MY STORY: I have a found an interest in painting miniatures. I am not a professional painter, but its a hobby in which i can image myself doing it as a job. I visited my local Games Workshop store, in which they provide miniatures for table-top gaming system. You buy these kits for a models, and you have to cut them out of sprue, glue them to building like how they are shown, and paint them to showcase that they are your army, and than you can set them down on a table to play or display. I've only been in this hobby for a year (since 2012), but I purchase a box of an army online to get started before than, and I haven't touched them because the store I was gonna go to closed to move to another location, So i was having to wait for a near by store. I find it very peaceful to build, and paint these minitatures, and Id think its a form of art, even though these models are pre-fabricated or designed by someone, the painting is my own. There are many talented painters out there.

LINKS: Games Workshop | Forge World | Black Library | Lexicanum, Warhammer 40,000 wiki | Battlefoam USA

Photos - June 15, 2013 Photos taken by me.

Photos - June 23, 2013 Photos taken by me.

A holiday conversion for Father Chrsitmas - November 20, 2013
I took a Space Marine Land Speeder Storm and made it into a sled for Santa.

What will happen if I kit bash a Tyranid Hive Tyrant and a Chaos Space Marine Forgefiend. - December 14, 2013

Raphies Bunny Team - December 21, 2013
Another of my Christmas themed warhammer item. Imperial Guards with a bunny suit and Red Ryder guns. Inspired by A Christmas Story movie. "Raphies Bunny Team".